Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've Changed My Mind - to Japanese

I thought about this blog a lot, and decided I really don't want to write about my writing. I should spend time writing if I'm going to do that. So instead, I want to use this blog to practice my Japanese. I'm going to start a thing I'm calling Nihonashi (nihongo hanashi), where I record audio/video of myself speaking Japanese. That will be on YouTube. I'll put the text in Japanese and my English translation in this blog. I hope to get people to correct my Japanese and my pronounciation, and maybe they'll learn something on the way.

Because I'm the one writing, I'll actually be commited to coming and writing issues :p
I'm excited to see what I can learn! If nothing else, I'll get a lot of practice :)

I've written #1, so I just have to record, edit, and post, then my epic trying-to-become-fluent-in-Japanese-journey shall begin.

Jaa ne!
~Iggy -> Mai-chan

p.s. I graduated! Now I work. Whoot.

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