Thursday, March 26, 2009


My favorite post title. I'm creative.

I shouldn't be here, but this place is neglected, so I came to say hi. My thesis draft is due and I need to get to that, hehe. The topic is copyrights.

Today I learned about the crusades in my history class. It was quite fun. Though I had my limited knowledge of Richard the Lionhearted crushed, he really wasn't terribly bright, which is a pity. I like Robin Hood stories, always thought it was a pity there were so many movies but none were particular good -- 'cept the Disney one. Disney used to make such fun movies. The other day I learned there really was going to be a Little Mermaid 3, I nearly died from horror.

Ok, I'm too tired to be here. I don't want this to turn into my journal, I have one of those.

What do you think about copyrights? I'm arguing that they be abolished. I know, I don't really believe myself, but it's been a lot of fun to research. Copyrights, I mean, no one really argues for getting rid of them. Except at, which I found in one of my many Google searches. I'm reading 'Remix' by Lawrence Lessig (law professor, Creative Commons), it's quite interesting. Especially because he mentions AMVs. Ha.

So what would no copyrights mean for my writing future? According to my thesis I needn't worry excessively, I can find a sponsor or hope no one distributes my work freely. While it's my dream to make money off books, in reality -- no, I won't say it! Never!
I'd rather have my stuff read, though. That's enough. Being paid to do what I love is just a bonus.

Good night.

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