Thursday, February 4, 2010

Black (2005)

Darker than midnight, deeper than the deep sea, and more solid than silver or gold. Texture like ash, but also like cream, in letters it swirls better than any. I see it all the time, but never truly know it. It’s further away than the end of the universe, but closer than my nose. My fingers touch upon it with every push of a key, my watch band boasts the color. It’s always right there, but never realized.
What kind of color is that?
White jumps out and cries, “I am white!”
Gold always stands up and belts, “Look at me! Shiny sunshine gold!”
Even brown whispers, “See me, subtle and warm, I am brown.”
Which color is right here, then, right before your eyes?
It’s black.
Black! I see it, but I don’t. Ask what colors do I see, I may answer, “White, gray, green, red” and miss all the black around me.
A color that greets us and a color that shuns us. A color like no other, we may know it intimately yet never understand it. Black is in each eye, black fills every night, but it’s there like air... just there, taken for granted.
Just black.

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